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Sanicare Client Testimonials

The Heart of What We Do


Burger King

"We have been using Sanicare for a number of years now and cannot believe how professional this company is!  They are always ahead of the times with the paperwork which keeps track of every visit and every treatment administered, this helps us immensely as when we have any hygiene visits we have everything to hand.  They also always give us good advice to keep our premises pest free which we are happy to say is!
Well done Sanicare, we would (and have) highly recommend you!"  
Carol Bell, Burger King, Gibraltar

Client 8

Julie Buttery

"Sanicare identified our problem after others has taken three years with no effect. Knowledgeable and efficient. Very Good"  
Julie Buttery, Spain



"We called Sanicare on behalf of a Client, who responded the same day and treated their infestation of insects. They returned three days later to check and followed that up with a phone call two weeks later.5 Star service."  
Charles Dawson, Dawson & Associates

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